13 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

It’s always a good idea to make home improvements.

At least, this is true in the long run. Even though projects set you back financially in the short-term, ideally they will improve the value of your home should you decide to eventually sell it. Even if you don’t, you’ll up your quality of living, which is more valuable than money anyway, right?

We get the objection, though: How do I improve my home if I’m not rolling in the dough?

The answer may surprise you: there are a number of projects you can undertake for less than a $150 commitment. Many of those on this list fall far below that as well.

With that said, let’s dive into 13 ways you can (cheaply) improve the value of your home right now.

1) Make the Grand Entrance Grander

You know what they say about first impressions…

You want that very first look as someone arrives at your doorstep to be impressive. You don’t need anything gaudy or regal or flashy: you almost want people to be impressed without knowing exactly why they’re impressed.

Some ways you can accomplish this is to add a restored vintage lantern, add texture around the door, or paint the door to coordinate with the rest of the home’s exterior.

2) Add Kitchen Storage

It’s more than likely that you have more room for kitchen storage than you think you do.

The most common opportunity for adding storage is to add shelves on the walls. These may fit nicely in the corner of your kitchen (if you have one), somewhere above or beside your sink area, or off above a counter space separate from your main kitchen.

Even if you don’t have any conceivable space on the wall for extra shelves (or you’re just not a fan of exposed dishes), you can likely find space for elegant storage bins to hold dry items such as towels and freezer bags. These will act as further cabinetry.

3) Add Crown Molding

As we’ve mentioned before, crown molding can be a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the value and elegance factor of your home.

4) Put Some “Fancy” Where It’s Unexpected

I’ve got three words for you: Laundry room chandeliers.

Adding these is a very simple way to put a touch of brilliance on your home. Who, might I ask, will walk into your laundry room, notice a fancy chandelier, and not compliment you on it?

You might think the combination would be awkward and out of place, but search some pictures of it online. It really does work.

5) Natural Fiber Blinds

Consider changing out your current blinds to the natural fiber variety.

They’re eco-friendly, they’re a nice transition from outdoor to indoor space, and they have a natural beauty that few will fail to notice.

6) A DIY Doormat

There are lots of way to create your own doormat, for both outdoor mats and indoor wood-protecting mats.

Check out this wonderfully creative list of doormat ideas from Country Living.

7) Freshen Up With Paint

There may not be a home improvement idea more basic (and effective) than repainting your walls.

You can transform a drab, tired space into a warm haven or an energetic creativity room by simply switching out colors. Any of your local home improvement stores should be able to give you a lot of direction on how to accomplish this improvement with relative ease.

And just so you know, here are the most popular color trends of 2017.

8) Install a Water Filter

Are you caught in an endless cycle of buying and tossing water bottles?

An in-home water filter is your answer. You can simultaneously cut out the mess of bottles and improve the purity of your tap water. You can install one under the sink yourself.

Even if you use an in-fridge filter such as a Brita, consider installing a water filter onto your sink to improve the lasting value of your home.

9) Get It Sprayed for Bugs

Just making sure you’re paying attention.

Some of you don’t even think to do this, and you really should. A lot of us see roaches, ants, and other bugs fairly regularly but try to ignore them and carry on. Here’s a hard truth you’re going to have to accept at the core of your being: they’re not going to go away on their own.

10) Cover Up Your Air Conditioner

If you use an exterior air conditioner, or if you just don’t want anyone getting surprised by a hulking mass of ugly metal when they’re searching for the bathroom, you can cover up the unit in creative ways.

According to This Old House, you can hide units with fake-wood, and you can cover through-wall units with a cabinet. Their advice is to “paint the cabinet the same color as your walls so it’ll ‘disappear,’ or choose wood-veneer doors to mimic a pricey built-in.”

11) Build Flowerbeds

According to Bob Vila,  “You can build an 8-foot-square garden bed in less than an hour, using eight 8-foot-long sections of pressure-treated lumber, screws, construction adhesive, and landscape adhesive.”

12) Get a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have many benefits. Most important among them is that they will help you save money.

If you’re not familiar with them, programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule for your air flow throughout the day. In other words, you don’t have to run your cold air or heat while you’re out of the house, which could potentially save you hundreds in a given year.

13) Be an Awesome Person

Oh, yeah, we said it.

This is as cheap a way as it gets to improve your home. You don’t have to spend a dime, but you can make the place a much, much better space to enter and enjoy if you yourself are awesome and enjoyable.

Invest in yourself in the same way you invest in your home, and people are going to want to spend a lot of their time around both of you.

By: Ryan Drawdy
November 7, 2017

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion or suggestions of CenterState Bank.