3 Fun Facts About the Holidays Around the World

Heading out to the office Christmas Party but, aren’t sure what you’ll talk about?

These fun facts about the Holidays will make you the best conversationalist at the party!

1. In Korea, everyone’s birthday is New Year’s Day!

No matter what day you were born, when the New Year rings in, everyone turns a year older. Additionally, when you are born in Korea, you are automatically considered a year old. So, even if a baby was born on Dec. 31, when Jan. 1 comes rolling in, they are officially a two year old.

2. Most families in America try to avoid conflicts during the holidays, but in Peru it’s a holiday traditional. Takanakuy is a festive is every year on Christmas Day that contains dancing and fist-fighting.

You read that right, fist- fighting. Sometimes it’s to settle old conflicts before the New Year starts and sometimes it’s just to display manhood… and you thought the holidays with your family was rough.

3. Gather up your finest China and head to Denmark for New Year’s Eve. That’s right! In Denmark, to ring in the New Year, you throw dishes across the doors of houses of family and friends. That sounds like a party to me!

Whatever way you enjoy the holidays… and wherever you enjoy them, we hope you stay safe, warm and have a great holiday season.

By: Lauren Horne
December 13, 2017

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