Assets Business Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2018

5 Steps to Developing Brand Ambassadors

If you’ve spent any time analyzing your organization’s Facebook page analytics, you know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your fan base. Even the most active brands producing engaging content can struggle to reach 10 percent of their fans with a given post.

The first step towards solving the reach dilemma is going back to the core of what social media is all about… building and maintaining relationships on a one to one level. In other words, being social using personal profiles. After all, social networks became popular as a way for individuals to connect not because it was a platform for free advertising. Posts by individuals receive more impressions in the Facebook news feed and more attention from users on every platform. This creates the opportunity to amplify your brand message through individual brand ambassadors who help share the work and the products you offer.

The Brand Ambassador Program

Establishing a brand ambassador program is a lowcost and highly effective way to extend the reach of your organization’s presence on social media…Continue Reading

Cybersecurity on a Limited Budget

SiteLock President Neill Feather recently shared some predictions about the state of cybersecurity in 2018 with Small Business Trends, along with some tips for protecting their online data and assets.

One of the major trends Feather noted is that small companies are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their security solutions, but no matter how much you pay, there are no options that eliminate 100% of the risk. While it’s still a good idea to pay for security solutions when you can afford it, you also should take some simple steps on your own to better your chances of avoiding an attack. Here are some inexpensive cybersecurity measures from Feather that are easy to implement and don’t cost much.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication usually entails the user entering a password and then receiving a code via text or email that they have to enter to access the account. …Continue Reading

Low-Cost Wellness Resources for Small Businesses

Wellness programs can be beneficial for businesses of any size. Small businesses, though, may have an upper hand when it comes to wellness programs, because they often achieve higher rates of participation and their programs are generally easier to implement. The key to developing an effective wellness program is to keep it simple and manageable. Use the low-cost resources identified in this article to help develop, implement and evaluate your workplace wellness program.

Health Risk Assessments

Health risk assessments ask a series of questions about one’s medical history and lifestyle in order to identify health risks. This information can then be used by employers…Continue Reading

5 Ideas for Kick-Starting Your Motivation in the New Year

January is here, and it’s back to business as usual. Or is it? After a holiday break filled with eating, drinking, and being merry, chances are you may be feeling the winter blahs. Psychologists attribute the post-holiday blues to a number of factors including the sudden lack of social events on our calendars, days short on daylight, cold weather, and fatigue. Now that the excitement and adrenaline of the holidays are over, how will you kick off this new year with a renewed sense of determination?…Continue Reading

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