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13 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

It’s always a good idea to make home improvements. At least, this is true in the long run. Even though projects set you back financially in the short-term, ideally they will improve the value of your home should you decide to eventually sell it. Even if you don’t, you’ll up your quality of living, which […]

6 Lesser-Known Facts About Halloween

Halloween has almost arrived, and by looking around, you’d think it was always all about funky, freaky costumes and kids stealing candy when they think they can get away with it. Not so! Halloween’s gone through centuries of reinventing itself, from possible early pagan and Druid origins, to the celebrations of the fall season, to […]

5 Money Lessons for Young Children (And a Few Books They Can Read)

One common, major complaint in the American education system is the lack of teaching about finances. However, the goods news is that with today’s world chock-full of resources, parents can do the job themselves. Almost from the beginning, you can teach your children how to handle money wisely. Many resources seem to identify age 3 […]

7 Money Tips for Traveling Abroad

Congratulations on the trip of a lifetime. Your scaling the Alps, temple-hopping in Japan, high-fiving the Easter Island statues (except not). How amazing. I’m jealous. Obviously, though, if you’re reading this, you recognize that paying for things internationally can be a bit tricky. Do you need local currency, and if you get it, where should […]

Financial Advice 101 for Recent College Graduates

It’s flashy. It’s fancy. It’s validating. It’s your college degree, and it’s finally in your hands. You’ve worked hard for this for a long time, and the fruit of your labor is symbolized in that piece of paper. The problem? With the fading of college life comes the onset of full adulthood, with all of […]

Labor Day: The Facts

Labor Day now is a day off with family and friends: often celebrated by a large body or bodies of water with copious amounts of barbecued burgers, hotdogs and ridiculous amounts of grandma’s potato salad. It is a federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of every September that demonstrates the end of summer and […]

How, Where, and When Floridians Can Watch the Solar Eclipse

There’s a rare event coming to Florida, and no, it’s not a snowstorm. You might have heard about a little something called a solar eclipse coming our way. Well, not our way exactly, but across the continental U.S., including Florida, on August 21 2017. In case you don’t know, a solar eclipse is when the […]

Thrifty: 7 Tips for Looking Stylish on a Budget

Most human beings like to look good and don’t like to not look good. Pretty revolutionary insight, I know. Even if we don’t think about it all that much, most of us would prefer to dress stylishly and feel good about what we wear. There’s a big problem though: clothes and accessories cost money, and […]

Book Bingo: A Game for Adventurous Readers

I know what you’re thinking. I love books and bingo so, so much . . . but how could I possibly combine them? You, my friend, are in luck, because you’re about to discover how to combine the majestic worlds of books and bingo in a game poetically called “Book Bingo.” It’s a game that […]