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Beware of Fraudulent Callers Posing as SouthState Bank

How the Scam Works A customer receives a call from a fraudster claiming to be from the South State Bank’s “Fraud Department”. The fraudster “spoofs” the phone number to make it look like it is coming from South State Bank, N.A. Customer Care phone Number, 1-800-277-2175. The purpose for the call is to alert the…

Easy Ways to Check Your Balance

At some point during a busy day, everyone needs a secure, convenient way to check their bank account balance. Below are four easy methods that allow you to keep a close eye on your funds. Keep in mind that the balance you see might not reflect pending transactions or deposits that haven’t yet cleared. 1….

Cybersecurity Awareness: Steps to Take if You Experience Fraud

DO YOUR PART. #BECYBERSMART Each day, people click or swipe to make an online purchase, register for a webinar, submit a loan application or post on social media. All the while, fraudsters are trying to steal their personal and financial data and use it without their knowledge. So, what should do you if you fall…