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How to Attract the Wrong Customers to Your Business

As your company kicks off 2020, one critical factor to get right is to verify if you are targeting not the customers that you have now but the customers that you want for the future. Chances are, at least at some level, you are attracting the wrong customers that are not profitable, not engaged, not…

Naval Lessons of Leadership and Accountability

Commander Bryce Benson was asleep at 1:30 am when the Philippine freighter, the ACX Crystal, rammed the USS Fitzgerald on June 17th off the coast of Japan (Figures 1 and 2).  Within seconds the Commander’s stateroom flooded with cold seawater along with Berthing Room 2 that held 35 sailors. Four sailors grabbed sledgehammers, and one sailor…

The Irishman’s Guide To Sales and Marketing

Throw all the facts that you want at someone, and you won’t move them to a position anywhere near the effectiveness than if you can work the facts into a story. From the dawn of man, our brains have become hardwired to place facts in context, and a story helps get us that context in…

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