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Women’s History Month: The History and How to Get Involved

The United States celebrates Women’s History Month the entire month of March. Now, more than ever, women are recognized for their achievements throughout time. This month-long celebration highlights women’s contributions to society and history. This is a holiday for women- an opportunity to empower them in any setting and call them to action. “Women and […]

How to Keep Your Identity Secure During the Holidays

Increased spending activity means increased risk for identity theft. The holidays certain make that first part true; therefore, the second is true as well. Certainly the fear about identity theft is down from what it used to be, but the majority of Americans (54%) were worried about identity theft as recently as 2015. The wolves […]

10 Friendsgiving Ideas

Friendsgiving is both a fad and a cultural measuring stick. On the one hand, it started as a defiant way to sidestep the annual obligations of Thanksgiving—or at least to celebrate the holiday while off away from family. On the other, Friendsgiving is here to stay because a generation of people (mostly millennials) have deemed […]

6 Lesser-Known Facts About Halloween

Halloween has almost arrived, and by looking around, you’d think it was always all about funky, freaky costumes and kids stealing candy when they think they can get away with it. Not so! Halloween’s gone through centuries of reinventing itself, from possible early pagan and Druid origins, to the celebrations of the fall season, to […]

5 Money Lessons for Young Children (And a Few Books They Can Read)

One common, major complaint in the American education system is the lack of teaching about finances. However, the goods news is that with today’s world chock-full of resources, parents can do the job themselves. Almost from the beginning, you can teach your children how to handle money wisely. Many resources seem to identify age 3 […]

How, Where, and When Floridians Can Watch the Solar Eclipse

There’s a rare event coming to Florida, and no, it’s not a snowstorm. You might have heard about a little something called a solar eclipse coming our way. Well, not our way exactly, but across the continental U.S., including Florida, on August 21 2017. In case you don’t know, a solar eclipse is when the […]