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3 Easy Ways to Cut Costs

You can find easy ways to cut back on everyday costs without majorly changing your lifestyle. Follow these simple changes and watch your savings grow. 1. Drive More Efficiently There are many ways to save money driving. Use your car less. Reducing the number of trips you make in your car will reduce your fuel […]

Assets Business Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2018

5 Steps to Developing Brand Ambassadors If you’ve spent any time analyzing your organization’s Facebook page analytics, you know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your fan base. Even the most active brands producing engaging content can struggle to reach 10 percent of their fans with a given post. The first step towards […]

13 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

It’s always a good idea to make home improvements. At least, this is true in the long run. Even though projects set you back financially in the short-term, ideally they will improve the value of your home should you decide to eventually sell it. Even if you don’t, you’ll up your quality of living, which […]

7 Money Tips for Traveling Abroad

Congratulations on the trip of a lifetime. Your scaling the Alps, temple-hopping in Japan, high-fiving the Easter Island statues (except not). How amazing. I’m jealous. Obviously, though, if you’re reading this, you recognize that paying for things internationally can be a bit tricky. Do you need local currency, and if you get it, where should […]

Financial Advice 101 for Recent College Graduates

It’s flashy. It’s fancy. It’s validating. It’s your college degree, and it’s finally in your hands. You’ve worked hard for this for a long time, and the fruit of your labor is symbolized in that piece of paper. The problem? With the fading of college life comes the onset of full adulthood, with all of […]

Thrifty: 7 Tips for Looking Stylish on a Budget

Most human beings like to look good and don’t like to not look good. Pretty revolutionary insight, I know. Even if we don’t think about it all that much, most of us would prefer to dress stylishly and feel good about what we wear. There’s a big problem though: clothes and accessories cost money, and […]

3 Ways to Establish Credit (And 4 Ways to Improve It)

By now, you probably know the irony of establishing credit. In order to prove your ability to pay back debts, you have to enter into debt first. It’s a frustrating situation, to be sure, but one that actually makes some sense. In order to feel truly confident about loaning out money, you’d want to be […]

6 Life Hack Apps for Solving Everyday Problems

Life is hard. Good, a lot of the time, sure. But really hard, too. Despite a world of information at our fingertips, most of us simply don’t have time to scour the Internet for simple ways to solve our most mundane problems. Clever people have come up with a lot of apps and tools to […]