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Women’s History Month: The History and How to Get Involved

The United States celebrates Women’s History Month the entire month of March. Now, more than ever, women are recognized for their achievements throughout time. This month-long celebration highlights women’s contributions to society and history. This is a holiday for women- an opportunity to empower them in any setting and call them to action. “Women and […]

3 Fun Facts About the Holidays Around the World

Heading out to the office Christmas Party but, aren’t sure what you’ll talk about? These fun facts about the Holidays will make you the best conversationalist at the party! 1. In Korea, everyone’s birthday is New Year’s Day! No matter what day you were born, when the New Year rings in, everyone turns a year […]

10 Friendsgiving Ideas

Friendsgiving is both a fad and a cultural measuring stick. On the one hand, it started as a defiant way to sidestep the annual obligations of Thanksgiving—or at least to celebrate the holiday while off away from family. On the other, Friendsgiving is here to stay because a generation of people (mostly millennials) have deemed […]

Labor Day: The Facts

Labor Day now is a day off with family and friends: often celebrated by a large body or bodies of water with copious amounts of barbecued burgers, hotdogs and ridiculous amounts of grandma’s potato salad. It is a federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of every September that demonstrates the end of summer and […]

8 Interesting and Bizarre Facts About July 4th

For a holiday as significant as the July 4th, it sure does have some bizarre history. You know how it works today. We hang out on a blazing hot day, cook more hot food over a hot grill, then watch fire explode in the sky. (I’m just now putting together all the “heat” aspects of […]