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A Note to Our Clients | February 9, 2018

CenterState Wealth Management A Note to Our Clients February 9, 2018 While it was difficult and somewhat unsettling to watch the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffer through two 1000+ point drops this week, leaving the DJIA and the S&P 500 -8.8% and -9.1% below their respective peak levels on January 26 to today’s close, we […]

7 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips (and How to Use Uber)

There’s a dark side to New Year’s Eve. It’s a ton of fun to ring in the new year with parties, countdowns, bright lights, and festivities, but for those of you who are always on the lookout for danger at every turn, this is also the holiday for you. In 2013, around 95 million Americans […]

Investment Strategy Statement | November 1, 2017

CenterState Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement November 1, 2017 I. Equity Markets A. Investors Continue to Focus on the Fundamentals. Investors were primarily focused on three things last month, with the major market measures advancing again and finishing the month within a whisker of new closing highs, except for the NASDAQ Composite which hit a […]

5 Tips for Achieving Financial Security

No one likes the fear of meeting disaster around the corner. This is true in all areas of life, and money is certainly no exception. The threat of finances spiraling out of control from a few hefty unforeseen bills or life circumstances produces anxiety for millions of people every day. Yet, people often live in […]

Read These 8 Tips Before Selling Your Home

You love your house, but it’s time to break up. Whether you’re moving to a new city, your family house outgrown the space, or you simply want a fresh place to come home to, you’re ready to sell your house. But it probably won’t be easy. Buyers today are more informed than ever, and if […]

5 Ways to Teach Financial Responsibility to Your Children

According to a 2012 survey by DoughMain, “81% of parents feel it is their responsibility to teach their kids about money and savings.” When you see “81%” in a statistic, it’s usually a high number, but in this case it’s hard not to ask: How is the number so low? If our kids don’t learn […]

5 Tips for Mastering Time Management

Adult life is ridiculously hard. There seem to be thousands of “to-do’s” hovering in the nearby corners of every room, threatening to join forces and crush your willpower at any moment. Most people understand that time management is the solution to that threat, but that doesn’t make it easy to understand or put into practice. […]

Information Security Minute – Income Tax Fraud

It is tax season once again and the scam artists are out in full force. So please take a minute to read through this timely information on tax fraud. The prevalence of tax related identity theft is not a small problem. In Fact, in 2015, there were 600,000 incidents of tax fraud related identity theft […]