CenterState Bank Featured on Suncoast News Network

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The University Parkway Branch in Sarasota joined in the community efforts to bring water to those affected by hurricane Irma. While most retail stores are out of water or trying to restock the shelves, CenterState was there to help!

Volunteers ushered Suncoast residents into the parking lot where they could load up their cars with the free bottles. CenterState had multiple pallets of water to give away each containing more than 14,000 bottles.

Shaun Merriman, Market President of CenterState was there to help pass out water and says some people were asking if they needed a special password to get the water. Others asked if they had to be a customer. Merriman replied “We’re like absolutely not.  We’re just here to try to go ahead and make sure we get some bottle water in the homes especially for those who still do not have power or water at this point.”

Any remaining water that was not given away will be donated to the Red Cross and All Faith Food Banks.

We’re so proud of our CenterState Family for living out our core values in our communities!

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