Executive Management Team

CenterState Bank - Executive Management Team

Left to Right: John Tranter, Chief Banking Officer; Jennifer Idell, Chief Financial Officer; John Corbett, President/CEO; Ernie Pinner, Chairman; Steve Young, Chief Operating Officer; Dan Bockhorst, Chief Risk Officer

General Banking Executives

General Banking Executives 2017

Left to Right: Gil Pomar, EVP/Regional President of North Florida Region; Tim Pierson, EVP/Regional President West Florida Region; Dale Dreyer, EVP/Regional President Central Florida Region; John Tranter, EVP/Chief Banking Officer; Mark Thompson, EVP/Regional President South Florida Region; Cindy Robbins, SVP/Chief Retail Banking Officer

Regional Presidents

Dale Dreyer- CenterState Bank Central Florida Regional President
Dale Dreyer
Central Florida Region
Tim Pierson- CenterState Bank West Florida Regional President
Tim Pierson
West Florida Region
Gil Pomar- CenterState Bank North Florida Regional President
Gil Pomar
North Florida Region
Mark Thompson- CenterState Bank South Florida Regional President
Mark Thompson
South Florida Region

Community Presidents

Jerry Ball- CenterState Bank Hillsborough County Community President
Jerry Ball
Hillsborough County
Brett Barhhardt- CenterState Bank Osceola, Orange and Seminole County Community President
Brett Barnhardt
Osceola, Orange and Seminole County
CenterState Bank - Chris Bieber
Chris Bieber
Indian River County
Paul Gerrard- CenterState Bank East Polk County Community President
Paul Gerrard
East Polk County

Angel Gonzalez- CenterState Bank Marion/Putnam County Community President
Angel Gonzalez
Hillsborough/Tampa and Pinellas County

Jesse Flowers- CenterState Bank South Palm Beach County Community President
Jesse Flowers
South Palm Beach County
George Haley- CenterState Bank North Palm Beach and Martin County Community President
George Haley
North Palm Beach and Martin County
Chris Kamienski - CenterState Bank St Johns County
Chris Kamienski
Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns County

Tammy Roncaglione- CenterState Bank St. Lucie County Community President
Tammy Roncaglione
St Lucie County
Mark Stevens
Macon-Bibb County, GA
John Williams- CenterState Bank Okeechobee, Lee and Hendry County Community President
John Williams
Hendry, Lee, and Okeechobee County

Board Of Directors

James H. Bingham - CenterState Bank Board Member
James H. Bingham
Concire Centers, Inc.
Griffin A. Green - CenterState Bank Board Member
Griffin A. Greene
Greene’s Citrus
Management, Inc.

Ernest S. Pinner - CenterState Bank Board Member
Ernest S. Pinner
Executive Chairman
of the Board
CenterState Banks, Inc

G. Robert Blanchard, Jr. - CenterState Bank Board Member
G. Robert Blanchard, Jr.
W.R.B. Enterprises, Inc
Charles W. McPherson - CenterState Bank Board Member
Charles W. McPherson
Retired Bank CEO
William Knox Pou, Jr - CenterState Bank Board Member
William Knox Pou, Jr.
Exec. Vice President
W.S. Badcock Corp

C. Dennis Carlton - CenterState Bank Board Member
C. Dennis Carlton
President & Owner
Mid-State Realty Co., Inc.
G. Tierso Nunez, II - CenterState Bank Board Member
G. Tierso Nunez, II
President & Owner
GT Nunez & Associates, P.A.
Daniel R. Richey - CenterState Bank Board Member
Daniel R. Richey
President & CEO
Riverfront Groves, Inc.

Michael F. Ciferri - CenterState Bank Board Member
Michael F. Ciferri
President & Owner
Ciferri Enterprises
Thomas E. Oakley - CenterState Bank Board Member
Thomas E. Oakley
Oakley Groves, Inc.
Oakley Transport, Inc
Joshua A. Snively - CenterState Bank Board Member
Joshua A. Snively
Florida Chemical

John C. Corbett - CenterState Bank Board Member
John C. Corbett
President & CEO
CenterState Bank of
Florida, N.A.

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