When are the eStatement changes expected to go live?

The first day the new and updated features will be available is October 11th.

What changes should I be expecting?

The first change to expect is the site navigation to view your e-statements. Instead of opening an external site from Quick Links, you will now browse directly within your online banking profile. There is a new eStatement tab on the main home page located next to the Accounts Summary tab that will bring you directly to the new eStatement page. The link within Quick Links will also take you to the new eStatement page.

From the new eStatement tab, search functionality is simple. You can use the drop down to choose your account, and then click the calendar icons to select the date ranges you would like to display.  After you click Search, you will be presented with a list of clickable links that open PDF copies of your statements and notices.

The second change to expect is that you will now be able to view all statements and notices through Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets utilizing the mobile browser app. For Apple devices, a PDF of the statement/notice will populate in a new window within Safari. For Android devices using Chrome browsers, a PDF of the statement/notice is downloaded then opened with the Adobe Acrobat app. Please note Android users will have to download Adobe Acrobat app, which is available for free on the Play Store.

Did you just say “statements and notices” will be available upon search?

Yes, we are pleased to announce that with this new initiative, we will also be able to provide certain notices in electronic format direct to your online banking profile. No action is required on your part to enable electronic notices.

What types of notices will be available in eStatements?

The following notices will be available: NSF notices, Deposit Correction notices, Chargeback notices and Year End Tax Notices.

Now that I have these notices available through eStatements, will you continue to mail them?

Yes, these notices will continue to be delivered via US Mail. 

How long will my statements and notices be available within online banking?

Upon the first day of the system update, you will have 36 months of Checking and/or Savings statements, Chargeback notices, NSF notices and Deposit Correction Notices available. For statements older than 36 months, please contact your local branch to request research.

Will I have to re-enroll for eStatements?

No, your online banking profile will be carried over to the new system automatically with all of your existing contact information for notification purposes.

What types of accounts can we enroll for electronic delivery?

After the system update, you will be able to enroll all types of Deposit accounts (Checking and Savings), as well as your HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) account(s). By enrolling your HELOC account(s), you will no longer receive your monthly billing statement through the mail; instead, it will be delivered electronically through online banking.

Can my statements be mailed and also sent in electronic format?

Once the format is changed to receive statements electronically, you will no longer receive printed statements through the mail. You are able to choose which accounts you want enrolled in electronic delivery.

Will these changes have any effect on my combined statement?

Yes, to view your combined statement you will need to choose the primary account from the drop down menu of available accounts under the eStatements tab. The primary account is the first account listed on your combined statement.

Will my statements look different after the system update?

Yes, after the system update your eStatements will look exactly like the printed statements we mail, which includes images of all checks cleared during that statement cycle.

Will my year-end tax notices look like the printed copy I receive in the mail?

Yes, the year-end tax notice available under the eStatements tab will look exactly like the copy received in the mail. However, please note that if your tax notice combines reportable activity for multiple accounts, the tax notice will only be available under the first account listed on the notice. When accounts are combined on these notices, they are listed in numerical order from smallest to largest.