At CenterState Bank, we are committed to corporate social responsibility.

Our volunteer program supports corporate objectives for success by improving the lives of individuals, groups and the communities in which we do business through volunteerism, building and managing relationships and strategic partnerships.  Our volunteers give generously of their time and talent, by participating on boards, conducting financial literacy training and providing service to help make local communities better places. CenterState colleagues are committed to the communities where they live and work.


Assets Business Newsletter Vol. 7 July Aug 2018

Assets Business Newsletter | July/August 2018

Why Outsourcing?
A particularly strong reason to outsource involves a shortage of a critical resource. This can be available employees that possess knowledge in a certain area (e.g., engineers), the availability of raw material (e.g., petroleum or minerals) and an available labor force that possesses a necessary level of expertise at the right price.

Insights Newsletter Vol. 4 July/August 2018

Insights Newsletter | July/August 2018

8 Ways to Protect Your Financial Identity Online
A little self-defense can go a long way toward protecting yourself against identity theft. You may not realize it, but shopping, banking, working, and connecting with friends online are all activities that may allow unwanted individuals to collect information about you. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Take the following steps to help keep your identity safe in the digital space.

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement July 2018

Investment Strategy Statement July 2018

Escalation of Trade Tensions Takes a Toll on Common Stocks.
Hardly a day went by last month without a significant and meaningful headline coming our way. With Donald Trump unable to win trade concessions from his Canadian, Mexican, and European Union counterparts ahead of an early June deadline, the President announced his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the closest U.S. neighbors and allies.

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement June 2018

Investment Strategy Statement June 2018

Strong Earnings, Trade Tensions, and Euro Zone Uncertainty.
After trading slightly lower over the first four months of 2018, common stocks advanced across the board during May — particularly so for technology and small company stocks — primarily on the back of a remarkable acceleration in earnings growth during  1Q 2018.

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement May 2018

Investment Strategy Statement May 2018

Trade Fears Subside, Late Cycle Stimulus Fears Rise.
Investors pushed aside the worries over tariffs and trade wars last month, that had so dominated the discourse during March, and returned to the worries associated with late cycle fiscal stimulus, namely inflation and the rising cost of money.

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement April 2018

Investment Strategy Statement April 2018

Threats of Protectionist Trade Policies Undercut Stock Prices.
The tone and tenor in the stock market has changed dramatically since new all-time highs were recorded on January 26, placing the rally in common stocks at a crossroads.

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement March 2018

Investment Strategy Statement March 2018

Funamental Change in the Outlook for the Economy
Investors spent the past month or so adjusting to the fundemental change in the economic outlook

Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement Feb 2018

Investment Strategy Statement February 2018

Common Stocks Open 2018 with a Bang!
Up until earlier this week, the reaction of investors to Donald Trump’s election, improving economic growth across the globe, and the rebound in operating earnings over the past six quarters has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Insights Newsletter Vol. 1 Jan-Feb 2018

Insights Newsletter | January/February 2018

No one likes the fear of meeting disaster around the corner. This is true in all areas of life, and money is certainly no exception. The threat of finances spiraling out of control from a few hefty unforeseen bills or life circumstances produces anxiety for millions of people every day.

Assets Buisness Newsletter Vol. 4 Jan-Feb 2018

Assets Business Newsletter | January/February 2018

If you’ve spent any time analyzing your organization’s Facebook page analytics, you know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your fan base. Even the most active brands producing engaging content can struggle to reach 10 percent of their fans with a given post.

Win Season Article #WinSeason

#WinSeason: Why You Will Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

In last week’s article, we said that there are two ways of looking at the beginning of a new year.