International Wiring Instructions

Option 1:

The funds can be converted to US Dollars by your bank and they will route funds through their choice of banking centers, then funds will arrive with us, and we will credit the amount received to your account.
Beneficiary Bank:
CenterState Bank, N.A.
Swift Code: CSBKUS33
ABA/Routing #: 063114030
Beneficiary: Your Name/Your Account Number
When using this route, the funds may travel through a couple of institutions prior to our receipt and each of these institutions will likely lift a processing fee.

Option 2 (UK banks only):

The option we recommend most to customers in the UK is to send your funds directly to our account in London. We will convert funds to US Dollars and will credit your account upon receipt. This route is more direct and typically reduces the amount of fees removed. Our instructions for this form of transfer is as follows:
Beneficiary Bank:
CenterState Bank, N.A.
Account Number 36287800
Deutsche Bank, London, UK
Sort Code 405081
Beneficiary: Your Name/Your Account Number
With either of these processes, an incoming wire fee will apply for posting to your account.

Encrypted Email for Your Security

Please note that we have implemented encryption on all e-mails sent by the bank that contain customer information or confidential information. When you receive an e-mail from a bank employee that contains such information, it will automatically be encrypted. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that a confidential message has been sent to your e-mail address. You will then be required to click on a link supplied within the e-mail. You will be redirected to a secure website where you will need to provide a username and password. This is a onetime signup process and the username/password can be utilized for all subsequent messages. Upon completion, you will be able to view the e-mail and/or attachment(s). You can also utilize this website to send confidential information to any employee at the bank. If you have any questions about this enhancement to protect you and your account information, please ring your branch and we will be happy to assist.

IMPORTANT – SECURE Wire Transfer Procedures!

In the interest of keeping all our account holders’ money safe and secure, we now require that all wire transfer requests be submitted securely online.

You may submit a wire transfer request by logging into your account, going to the Services tab, then selecting the Wire Transfer form. When completing the form, please remember to give all necessary information including the Beneficiary Bank with Swift/Sort Code and/or Routing Number, the Beneficiary Name and Account Number, the Amount, and any special instructions.

Has Your Account Fallen Asleep?

You may have heard the term “Dormant Account”. When an account has no customer activity for 12 months, banks are required to lock out the account for security purposes until the customer makes contact and reactivates the account. There is also a monthly monitoring charge of $10 when this happens. If your account is dormant, please contact your banking center so your account can be reactivated, FREE, and useful to you again!


Don’t See Your Colors?

We don’t want to miss anyone – please let us know if your flag is missing. Contact your Four Corners Office: Phone: 001 863 420 0800 Fax: 001 863 420 0901