Trust Administration

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Trusts hold assets you place in them for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. Trusts can also solve a variety of estate planning problems.

As your trustee, CenterState Bank offers numerous benefits.

  • Convenient: You and your beneficiaries deal with trust professionals you know…right here at CenterState Bank.
  • Objective: As an impartial third party, we represent fairly the interests of all involved.
  • Comprehensive: We are equipped to handle all duties relating to the proper administration and safekeeping of your assets. Across-the-board services include income collection, scheduling distributions, paying bills, tax reporting, and responding to the requests and needs of beneficiaries

Estate Settlement

Most people are aware that they need a will, yet nearly 60 percent of Americans do not have one. Your last will and testament is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It allows you to direct who is to receive your property when you die, how that property is to be distributed, and whether your beneficiaries are to receive your property outright or in trust. Just as importantly, your will also states who is charged with settling your estate. When named to settle your estate, CenterState Bank serves as your personal representative.
We perform the following required duties:

  • Filing required legal notices with the court
  • Gathering and valuing both probate and non-probate assets in your estate
  • Securing real and personal property
  • Settling creditors’ claims and final expenses
  • Providing professional investment advice in order to achieve a favorable result for all your beneficiaries
  • Ensuring all necessary tax returns are properly prepared and filed, including your final personal income tax return, fiduciary income tax returns, and if necessary, an estate tax return.
  • Selling personal property, including real estate
  • Distributing your assets to your chosen beneficiaries in the manner in which you have directed us.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Administration

IRAs have become an important part of most everyone’s retirement plans. Whether you roll over your corporate retirement distribution or transfer your existing IRA, CenterState Bank has the investment expertise that will be crucial to your financial security in retirement.


The routine paperwork and documentation necessary to keep track of your investment portfolio can be time consuming and overwhelming. CenterState Bank can simplify that problem through a custody arrangement.

Custody Services

As custodian, CenterState Bank provides the following essential services while you maintain ownership and full control over all investment decisions:

  • Safekeeping of your assets.
  • Collecting all income and principal, from dividends and interest to stock splits, mergers, and called bonds.
  • Timely reinvestment into a money market account for all cash collected.
  • Timely purchase and sale of your assets at your direction.
  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Monthly accountings and statements showing all transactions and current valuations of your assets.
  • Secure internet access
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Investment Agency

In today’s volatile financial markets, investment success requires full-time supervision, experience, and commitment. At CenterState Bank, we believe investment success depends on consistency of investment philosophy, knowledge of financial markets, time, and most importantly, a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives.
That’s why we begin by learning about you—your objectives, tax status, time horizon, risk tolerance, and income requirements. Then and only then, we draw upon our extensive resources of investment research and analysis to provide professional, full-time supervision of your assets.


When you establish your Investment Management Account with us, we become your agent:

  • Our professional and experienced trust officers personalize your investments according to your unique needs, personal objectives, and your risk tolerance.
  • You receive full custody services and maintain ownership, while we safe keep the assets.


When other estate planning is not appropriate, it may be necessary to establish a guardianship in order to protect and care for a loved one. CenterState Bank can serve as guardian of the property, working closely with the guardian of the person to ensure that the needs of your loved one are met.

Escrow Services

CenterState Bank can serve as your independent Escrow Agent for business transactions which require the long-term escrowing of funds. This service includes investment and custody of funds, record-keeping and secure internet access to account statements.

Special Needs Trust

Administering a special needs trust is often challenging due to complex and frequently changing government requirements. Our experienced trust officers will work closely with you, ensuring that expenses are paid while preserving ongoing eligibility for government benefits.

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