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Key Features and Benefits

Online Banking through Intuit’s Quicken® software provides a single platform for the most effective and efficient way to conduct and simultaneously record banking activity and manage your finances and investments. In addition, since the banking and bill payment functionality of Quicken® and the Internet are completely integrated, you will be able to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of checking your balances, transferring funds, paying bills and viewing previous transactional activity from your home, office or while traveling 24 hours a day via either the Quicken® or Internet platform. Versions supported are updated and available inside of online banking.

Here are just some of the other benefits and features:


  • Convenient – use the same User ID and Password for accessing Online Banking through Quicken® or the Internet
  • Timesaver – quickly download up-to-date balances and transaction information into Quicken® with a click of a button
  • Accurate – paying bills and recording checks are done simultaneously
  • Easy – Quicken® offers an award-winning interface and payment screen that looks like a paper check


  • Conduct activity such as pay bills and track financial activity in one central location.
  • Download transactions directly into the Quicken® register and create insightful financial reports.
  • Plan life events such as buying a home, saving for college and planning for retirement.
  • Simplify tax preparation.


  • Online Banking through Quicken® is FREE currently for all users.

Getting Started

To get started you’ll need a user id and password to the Personal side of Online Banking. Once you’re signed in, click on the Quicken® link under the Account Services tab. Once you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions you’re all set!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 855-863-2265 or if you’re looking for technical support, call 844-510-9464.

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