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3 Fun Facts About the Holidays Around the World

Heading out to the office Christmas Party but, aren’t sure what you’ll talk about? These fun facts about the Holidays will make you the best conversationalist at the party! 1. In Korea, everyone’s birthday is New Year’s Day! No matter what day you were born, when the New Year rings in, everyone turns a year […]

How to Keep Your Identity Secure During the Holidays

Increased spending activity means increased risk for identity theft. The holidays certain make that first part true; therefore, the second is true as well. Certainly the fear about identity theft is down from what it used to be, but the majority of Americans (54%) were worried about identity theft as recently as 2015. The wolves […]

Investment Strategy Statement | December 1, 2017

CenterState Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement December 1, 2017 I. Equity Markets A. Earnings, Economic Growth, Governor Powell, and Tax Reform. Common stocks continued their push higher last month fueled by the ongoing rebound in earnings, growing signs of synchronized global growth, the nomination of Jerome Powell as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, […]

Why Cyber Monday Is More Awesome Than Black Friday

Cyber Monday is way better than Black Friday. At least, that’s what Cody would say. Imagine this scenario: It’s dark, cold, and early on the morning of Black Friday. You’ve been sitting outside the Best Buy door for six months (or at least that’s how long it feels). After all that time waiting in the […]

Assets Business Newsletter Vol. 3 – November/December 2017

Charitable Giving Tax Deduction: What Can Your Small Business Write Off? By Caron Beesley Small businesses are known for their philanthropic gestures. 75% of small firms donate to charities each year. Contributing to a worthwhile cause also gives business owners an opportunity to embed themselves in the community and network with other donors—and there are […]

Investment Strategy Statement | November 1, 2017

CenterState Wealth Management Investment Strategy Statement November 1, 2017 I. Equity Markets A. Investors Continue to Focus on the Fundamentals. Investors were primarily focused on three things last month, with the major market measures advancing again and finishing the month within a whisker of new closing highs, except for the NASDAQ Composite which hit a […]